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La Bela Marso Projekto – [NASA’s 1st feed in Esperanto!]

La retejo de la HiRISE Esperanto Tumblr estas nun malfermita al la tuta mondo!

Ĉe la retejo, oni povas vidi mirindajn bildojn de Marso kun nekredebla distingivo!

La bildoj ĉe la retejo estas vere vidindaj, do iru kaj vidu!

Dankojn al NASA kaj l’Universitato de Arizono por la bonegaj bildoj.


[Dunes on cement substrate]
Dunoj sur cementa subtavolo

The first of likely many language/word/etymology related posts

“Russians” in Esperanto = “Rusoj”

“Bears” in Esperanto = “Ursoj”

[the “oj” part means it’s plural, but really you should just go ahead and learn Esperanto. It’ll take you all of 5 minutes {I am exaggerating, but not by much}]

See? It’s an anagram! I found it rather amusing that the Esperanto words for “russian” and “bear” were so connected, given Russia’s symbolic association with bears.

Quasi-relatedly, thumbing through my Esperanto-English dictionary, I found that the Esperanto word for “cannabis” is “kanabo”, which is similar to both “Kanado” (Canada) and “knabo” (boy). With Esperanto’s word-building (vortfarado), you can do a lot of things that aren’t even possible in English, such as make a word for “Canadian cannabis” – “kanada kanabo”, the comparative phrase, can be made into a single, valid, Esperanto word: “kanadkanabo”.

There are, of course, many more such things, but I have to stop somewhere, and right now, that’s here. Refer to the resources I posted here to learn Esperanto.

Lernu Esperanton! (Learn Esperanto!)

Lernu Esperanton, se por neniu alia kialo, lernu ĝin ĉar ĝi estas la plej facila lingvo!

Learn Esperanto, if for no other reason, learn it because it is the easiest language!

Knowing more than one language can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, so learning Esperanto (which can be done ridiculously quickly and easily) can offer a major health benefit. It also offers cognitive benefits, which can be realized when sufficient grasp of the language is obtained.

Here are some really good resources for learning Esperanto:

Lernu! – fantastic resource

Collection of Esperanto learning material

Kurso de Esperanto – great free software for learning Esperanto