So Mercury is retrograde again…

What your thoughts are on astrology, I do not know. However, one who denies the influences of angles and of heavenly bodies upon life on Earth is one who denies night and day and the four seasons along with the tides.

When Mercury is retrograde (that is, when Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky, as viewed from Earth, compared to its usual path), communications and related things tend to go awry more often than perhaps they otherwise would.

In 2014 the dates during which Mercury is retrograde are as follows:

February 6th to February 28th
June 7th to July 2nd
October 4th to October 25th

During the current retrograde period, I have have had two companies send me emails by or with mistakes, and then send emails apologizing and explaining their mistakes.

Donato’s tried to send me a coupon for a pizza, but later emailed me (and presumably many others) again to say that they had mistakenly left off the coupon code, and that they were sorry.

My bank also sent out an email about a feature that would no longer be offered… and then they sent an email saying that that was a mistake, and that it did not apply to my account.

What actually prompted this post, however, was that my parents mentioned that they too had received an email from their financial institution concerning a different matter, but it too was by mistake, and that bank had also issued an explanation and an apology.

All of the above happened when Mercury was retrograde. Perhaps thousands of years of the world’s wisest men watching the skies and the world around them were not spent in vain. Maybe there is something to it…

Whenever you want to find out if Mercury is retrograde, there is this handy site:

Fun fact: Today is Wednesday, called dies Mercurii in Latin, because it is named for Mercury!


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